Może morze? The most popular Polish homonyms


W języku polskim przeczytasz poniżej

When learning Polish, you have certainly noticed words that are spelled the same way and mean something completely different. Sometimes one word can have even three different meanings. Such words are called homonyms and cause a lot of trouble for foreigners. Today I would like to show you some of the most popular ones ?

Homonyms are present in most languages, also in English. They can be words that we say and write the same, but not only. One type of homonym is homophones. These words sound the same, but we write them differently, for example:

 Morze (the sea)
 Może (maybe)
 Może (the third person singular form of verb “can” he / she / it can)

Among other homonyms can be distinguished:

Zamek (a castle)
Zamek (a zipper)
Zamek (a door lock)


Pokój (a room)
Pokój (a peace)


Myszka (an animal)
Myszka (a computer mouse)


Zebra (an animal)
Zebra (a zebra crossing)


Golf (a sport)
Golf (a turtleneck)
Golf (the car brand)


Pióro (a feather)
Pióro (a fountain pen)


Mucha (a fly)
Mucha (a bow tie)
Bal (a ball, a prom)
Bal (logs) 


Szpilki (high-heeled shoes)
Szpilki  (pins)

Siatka (a net)
Siatka (a shopping bag)


Kot (a cat)
Kod (a code)


Do you know some other homonyms? Let me know in the comment 🙂

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